REFFLEX® refrigerant hoses and fittings.

REFFLEX offers special capillary hoses for refrigeration industry.
Our polyamide hoses are made of an extremly strong material with great vibration eliminating performance.
The refrigerant hoses can be supplied to a required lenght with your required fittings or can be easily assembled yourself with our cutting tools and crimping- or screw fittings. 

REFFLEX (Refrigeration-Flexible) is easy to use, safe and cost reducing.

We offer a wide range of fittings in various types and sizes.
Our 2mm (DN2) capillary hoses simplifies the connection of devices like pressure switches, manometers, fan speed controls etc.
Our 5mm (DN5) is mostly used for oil separators and level regulators.

REFFLEX refrigeration hose is suitable at -40°C/130°C and has a maximum working pressure of 60 bar.
The tubes are very flexible and bending at a short radius.

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REFFLEX  Flexible tube

For production purposes we offer our DN2 capillary hose and DN5 flexible tube in coils of 25,50,500 or 1100 meter.

REFLLEX Fittings

Fittings are available as crimping or screw fittings. We offer a full choice of straight-, angle- and Tee-connectors. 


Easily make hoses yourself to your required lenght with our cutting tools. Use the crimping tools to press the the capillary fittings to the hose or use the screw fittings for assembly without tools.